DC DeVane


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“DC DeVane is a natural at great stories, laughter and military humor.  She weaves a terrific web!”

Anne Elizabeth, PULSE OF POWER graphic novel, 2010

A great charming and funny read. The hero is so strong and so capable of so much. DeVane does an excellent job with telling this story. I really can’t wait to read more from this author!

Wild Plum for LASR - Long and Short Reviews

I really enjoyed this story. David grows up a bit and Susan finds the man she loves. Susan is a really great character, I can understand the protectiveness that the personnel of the airbase feel towards her and David is pretty irresistible.

Maura, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

OPERATION: L.O.V.E. ; B & B Bivouac--A busy B & B owner and a playboy pilot discover love in snatched moments between training sessions. I really enjoyed this story. ...This collection of short books is a credit to the authors who researched the branches of the military as well as those men and women of whom they wrote. The anthology, written by five different authors, presents a tribute to each branch of service. Not only was the book a great romantic read, it was informative as well. It was obvious they knew of which they spoke... The romance was sweet and I recommend this book to anyone. Part of the proceeds will benefit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. I am honored to have reviewed this work of art and collaboration."

Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

This collection of short, praise-worthy works is ideal for anyone who enjoys romance with a distinct, memorable twist and a touch of action, as well as any reader whose family and friends have been or are currently involved with military service.

Shelia Clover "The Book Trailer Lady"/Amazon.com

OPERATION: L.O.V.E. What A Joy To Read This BOOK! A Sweet Read for Teens To Adults With Each Story Written For Different Branches Of The Military, Plus It Gave In depth Details On What Each Branch Does!

Linda Bass/Amazon.com

FOR YOUR HEART ONLY: Decoding Love by DC DeVane

A cute story that is full of whimsy—even though it’s a serious situation involving national security. I enjoyed the way DC DeVane worked humor into a tense situation. The story was great from start to finish and I really enjoyed this installation into the book.

Once Upon A Romance Review